Feedback About RoundView

Feedback on the RoundView from Workshop: The Future of Wigan and the Deal, July 13, 2017

There were twenty-two participants in this RoundView workshop held for Wigan Council as part of the Carbon Landscape Project. Roughly one-third of the participants were working in health and public health and one-third broadly in the environmental field, with others  working in heritage, planning and social care as well as projects across the Council.

Participants were asked what they liked about the RoundView and what they would change. There were 54 positive comments about the RoundView, plus 18 suggestions for change. A break down of the types of feedback is shown in the chart below, and the full set of comments can be downloaded here.

The comments with the highest frequency were around the interactive nature of the workshop and the value participants found in the dialogue and cross-departmental synergies that emerged. The suggestions for change included 9 requests for wider and better promotion of the workshop, plus a call for additional community workshops. In addition, there were  4 requests for more time for discussion. The second and third highest cluster of positive comments showed that participants found this thought provoking and enabled more joined-up and bigger picture thinking, which may be reflected in the call for more time to make the most of these attributes.

The other suggestions for change (one comment each) were around the need for more funding to deliver such changes, a question around results would be communicated and used; and a suggestion  to  review the name 'RoundView'.  The excel file containing all the feedback can be downloaded here.

Comments about the RoundView included:

  • RoundView process is simple and makes sense!!
  • Makes you think how you can contribute to improving the environment
  • Made it relevant to the day job
  • Provides a wider context view which allows us to come up with practical solutions
  • I wish I had known about this earlier, so it could be embedded in the Community Investment Fund
  • RoundView - great for networking and thinking about 'the bigger picture' and how we can work together
  • It is interesting to see how our priorities reflect those of others
  • The link for all sections to the health agenda
  • Understand how small things are part of a bigger system
  • This gives a big picture way of engaging with the community
  • Use of the Ketso to stimulate ideas and the chance for multi-discipline conversation
  • Audience participation - makes you think about new ideas
  • How can we upgrade what we are doing, think of how to do things in a new way?

Ovearll, 13 participants found the RoundView to be ‘Extremely useful’, 6 found it to be ‘Very useful’ and 1 found it to be ‘Somewhat useful’, with none saying they found it to ‘Not useful’.