Ketso for Conferences and Events






Ketso has been widely used to manage discussion sessions at conferences and events.

Ketso livens the debate, and introduces an element of fun. The interactive nature of the toolkit gives delegates a chance to learn from each other, get engaged with the themes of the conference, meet new people and network.

It is possible to use Ketso to engage delegates towards the beginning of the conference and to provide an interactive experience during the conference (either in a plenary session or in parallel workshops).  It is also possible to use the kit to draw together key themes and ideas learned towards the end, or to use Ketso to gather feedback about the conference from delegates.  If Ketso is used towards the beginning, it is be possible to synthesise the ideas and leave some Ketso felts up on display boards through the event,  so people can see what came up in the different groups, and can even add ideas as the event goes along.

Examples and feedback from previous events using Ketso

Growing a Movement for Change Conference, 2015

Eleanor Ogilvie, Programme Manager – Communities, See Me

We used Ketso with 120 people at the Lanarkshire Recovery Network (LRN) event “Growing a Movement for Change”.  Members of the network had commented that they didn’t want another ‘talking shop’ and really wanted their voices heard.  See Me and LRN worked together to develop a session with Ketso where this could happen and the results were amazing. 

Staff from Lanarkshire really got on board with the process and were so committed to learning about Ketso and how this could give them a solid tool to build more community engagement.  Introducing Ketso also had a great impact on the whole conference, as each and every session was built on participation and engagement methods and the feedback from participants has been so positive. 

The atmosphere on the day was so different from the last conference, and Ketso allowed everyone to have a voice, but more than that, allowed those voices to be heard.

Further examples

At the International Enterprise Educators’ Conference in Coventry in 2011, Ketso was used to allow delegates a chance to consider the key questions of the conference what works? Why does it work? and How do we know it works? Delegates prioritised ideas in this hour long session, and key themes were fed back to the conference.

At a 2011 conference with 206 delegates, Civil Service Live, Ketso was used by a facilitator from the National School of Government to gather thoughts and ideas from all of the delegates in a 20 minute session, using Ketsos on both sides of a display board. read this report to see how a quick session with hundreds of people can generate meaningful discussion and a wealth of ideas.


Ketso was used to promote interactive discussion amongst 90 delegates at the 19th International Associaiton of Landscape Ecology conference 'Landscape ecology: linking environment and society'. This was held at The University of Edinburgh 4-6 September 2012. Delegates discussed how to better link landscape science, policy and practice and developed ideas for future work. 

Dr. Marc Metzger, the conference organiser, commented: "Ketso was a great tool to stimulate discussion and interaction among conference delegates, and a good addition to the conventional plenary symposia."


 At the International Systems Society Conference in Hull in 2011, Ketso was used to engage with roughly 100 delegates in the opening session, looking at systems thinking and the Society itself.  These ideas were synthesised throughout the conference, with delegates adding ideas to the evolving discussion. The results were fed back to the conference, and feedback about the conference was gathered with a quick Ketso exercise.

Feedback from delegates included:

  • “It was nice to start with a discussion, usually it takes time to warm up. Ketso helped emphasise a participatory approach throughout the conference!”
  • “People could come and see the themes [on the synthesis Ketsos on display], making the voice of each participant visible.”

Click here to read about Ketso in Renfrewshire's Community PLanning Conference 2010. Over 400 people were engaged in thinking of the future of the area over several days and and in several locations. Feedback was very positive, as indicated in the answers to the following question:

Do you agree that the workshop allowed participants to work together, share ideas and be creative?

Ketso has been used to encourage dialogue at the UK Systems Society conferences for the past seven years. An example was putting up Ketso in the ‘break out’ space at the 2004 Conference. Delegates were asked to provide feedback on the conference themes, the results of which were displayed through the conference. This captured people’s attention, and allowed participants to build a ‘big picture’ of the debate within minutes.

In the 2010 UK Systems Society conference, Ketso was used amongst delegates following the key note speakers to develop questions to ask the speakers. In the process of developing the questions, delegates were able to answer many of each others’ questions. The process of coming to agreement about a set of good questions from the group meant that the resultant plenary discussion was fruitful and engaging.

In a parallel workshop for VITAE, the themes of the conference were used as a starting point for dialogue amongst delegates. You can see a blog about this workshop here.