Cleaning & Packing your Ketso

The re-usable coloured shapes of Ketso wash clean in water - no need to wipe, just dunk them in water!

You can watch a very brief video about how to clean and pack a Ketso kit here.

The key points to remember in packing a Ketso after a workshop are:

  • Move the centrepiece to the side so you can fold the felt
  • The slits are there to help you move the felt, move any leaves that are crossing over the slits or overhanging the felts, keeping the clusters of leaves (e.g. making sure that if leaves are pointing at each other, you keep them together)
  • Check that all of the leaves and icons are stuck firmly to the felt and that none of them are on top of the coloured branches or ovals, where they won't stick
  • Fold the kit twice along the slits
  • Stack all your felts together then gently fold them one more time so they fit in the bag, without creasing the leaves

You can downlaod this word document to see more detail about how to clean and pack a kit, with a series of photos that demonstrate each stage.

There is a picture of how to put the branches on the felts on the second page of this packing list.

You can learn more about cleaning your Kesto in  the 'Caring for your Ketso section' of our FAQs.