Productivity, Creativity, Commitment

Why use Ketso?

Meetings and workshops often suffer from the same problems: a lack of energy and enthusiasm, the frustration of people not having their say, and no clear sense of purpose, let alone fun!

Ketso enables everyone to create effective and enjoyable workshops - virtually anywhere and in any setting.

88% of Ketso customers agree that “using Ketso has benefited my organisation or group”...


With Ketso we are:

  • Student feedback about Ketso Undergraduate years 1 and 2more productive 

Everyone can develop ideas at the same time, making effective use of people's time in meetings or workshops. You don't have to wait for someone to scribe the ideas. 

  • more creative

Ketso encourages a free flow of ideas from everyone. The moveable pieces and different colours help people make connections and see alternatives.

  • more committed 

The visual & tactile toolkit means people just 'get it' and everyone is involved. As people build up a group picture they feel more engaged in the ideas and the outcomes. Using Ketso helps turn ideas into action. 

Put simply, Ketso helps you get things done.


Hear what people have to say about Ketso in this introductory video.

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