The hands-on kit for creative engagement

Ketso is a toolkit for creative engagement:

  • used in  at least 52 countries

  • by over 600 customers (including more than half of the UK's universities)

  • with more than 28,000 participants in workshops

  • 88% of Ketso customers agree that “using Ketso has benefited my organisation or group”...

About Ketso

Ketso is a social enterprise, based in Manchester UK. Our vision is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. We do this by providing tools for engagement worldwide, so people can learn together and develop creative solutions. There are over 25 years of research and development behind our innovative, award-winning kit. Since 2009, we have built a growing network of users and a reservoir of knowledge built on experience in the field from across the world. We share this know-how through case studies and free resources on our website. Our ethos is woven into our supply chain, and every kit we sell adds social value.

Awards and commendations for Ketso

  • Highly commended 'outstanding social enterprise', University of Manchester's 'Making a Difference Awards', 2015

  • Praxis Unico Impact Awards Finalist, 2014

  • Commendation for 'contribution to positive community engagement' by Royal Town Planning Institute NW, 2013

  • Association of European Schools of Planning Excellence in Teaching Prize 2011 (Dr. Joanne Tippett, founder of Ketso)

Learn About Ketso

This page offers a brief introduction to Ketso, and guides you to the relevant sections of our website to learn more.

See Ketso in action - watch our introductory video.

What is Ketso?

Ketso means ‘action’ in Lesotho, where it was invented. It has been refined over two decades of action research with communities across the globe. With Ketso, everyone can participate and be more creative.

Ketso offers a structured way to run a workshop, using re-useable coloured shapes to capture everyone's ideas. Ketso is unique in that each part is designed to act as a prompt for effective engagement. “Ketso is unique, it's easy to explain how it works and what people have to do” (from customer survey).

Ketso is not just a re-usable ‘workshop in a bag’. It comes with a growing range of free, open-source support resources, including workshop plans that you can customise to suit your needs. With Ketso you have decades of practical research and experimentation at your fingertips.

Ketso is a social business,  with the mission: to provide tools for engaging people worldwide to learn together and develop creative solutions.

Download a one-page leaflet here.

Why use Ketso?

Ketso gives everyone a voice, so everyone is more engaged. With Ketso we are:

  • more creative 
  • more productive
  • more committed

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How is Ketso used?

You can use Ketso for interactive communication with big groups (the biggest we know of so far is 200!) or for small group discussions. You can use it on your own or with your team. Mini-Ketso is ideal for individual work, small meetings, or one-to-one sessions, such as coaching or performance development reviews.

You can use Ketso to engage with stakeholders, develop a plan, explore new ideas, bring learning to life, enliven team meetings and create action plans.

This page gives an overview of the types of organisations and people who use Ketso.

To see how Ketso has been used in a wide range of contexts and with may different organsiations,  look at our Examples and Case Studies.

You can see some ways that Ketso has been used in these brief videoes:

How does Ketso work?

Ketso provides you with everything you need to run enjoyable, interactive sessions with groups. Each part of the kit has been designed to help lead you through running a good workshop.

For a brief overview of how Ketso works, click here.

You can watch a brief video showing a quick look at a Ketso coming together.

This video demonstrates the contents of a Ketso kit, and you can see more detail about what's in a Ketso here.

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