Delivering value in a time of budget cuts - a multi-stakeholder dialogue

This is a simple overview of the ideas that were highlighted as important by participants (a synthesis report will be developed soon). These ideas are taken from both the Manchester and London workshops we ran in Dec. 2010. 


  • Using budget cuts as an opportunity to change - 'break the mould'
  • Re-evaluate what is really needed
  • More projects engaging communities in delivery
  • Opportunity to really work 'bottom up'
  • Involving and focusing on the end user
  • Stronger accountability
  • Investment in students
  • More involvement by 3rd Sector
  • Collaboration or partnership
  • Bring community closer together on projects that are important


  • Absence of knowledge and creativity
  • Lack of broad consensus
  • Flat rate / across board / poorly focused cuts
  • Too much focus on the more deprived communities (in terms of making cuts)
  • Survival mentality "Winners are born"
  • Loss of morale
  • Lack of resource to re-evaluate, 'rush'
  • Lack clarity on 'Big Society'
  • No strategic oversight
  • Reduced partnerships due to funding restrictions

Future possibilities

  • Involve everyone in choices and decisions
  • Involve all stakeholders in deciding what to cut (using Ketso!)
  • Pooled Resources
  • Get the 'shop floor' wisdom
  • Measure what matters
  • Strategic thinking
  • In search of certainty (workshops / education)
  • Make time for creative thinking and give it greater value within organisations
  • Ensure people understand the basis for revised organisation
  • Enhanced focus on positive searching for solutions pro-active/problem solving capabilities
  • Spell out the aim for discussion / agreement - agree the steps
  • Sharing knowledge with 'new' structures
  • CPD / workshops advocating what charity work is involved in - KNOWLEDGE SHARED
  • Ban the phrase 'we've always done it this way'
  • Nurture people - your greatest resource