Getting started with Ketso

Getting started with Ketso

Having a practice session is a great way to get started with Ketso and to learn how it works.  We strongly recommend that you get a Ketso out and run a workshop with your immediate team, friends or family before you use it 'for real' in a more pressurised situation.

You can either do a workshop around at topic that is of use to you, or a practice run of the workshop you are thinking of doing with a larger group. One customer planned a birthday party with her young children as a practice session!

Doing a practice run before an upcoming workshop allows you to test out the themes you have developed and make sure that you are clear on the questions you are asking. You can do this by yourself as well, just seeing how you would answer the questions (writing answers down on leaves and placing them against the branches). This helps you see whether the branches you have for the themes work well and seem to capture the main ideas that you want to discuss - if not, you still have time to change them. We still do this on a regular basis before trying out a new workshop plan.

A practice run can be a speed workshop – e.g. limit people to one or two leaves for each colour (stage of the workshop).

You can download the following workshop plans (Word documents) for a practice session:

You may want to browse our library of workshop plans to see if there is another topic already worked up into a plan that you would like to try out.

We have found over the years that the following simple sequence is a great way to explore a topic and generate ideas for action:

What works / What do we already have?

What are the future possibilities?

What are the challenges?

How can we overcome the challenges?

What are our next steps?

The workshop plans above explore this generic sequence in more detail, as does this Slideshow.