Ketso training for Directorate of Student Experience, University of Manchester

Training in using Ketso at The University of Manchester

We have held 6 training sessions in using Ketso in the last few weeks, and are busy collating the results and feedback. Responses have been great and we have learned a lot about how to introduce Ketso in a few hours. More coming soon!

Collated data and feedback will follow shortly. In the meantime, you can download the slides from the training below:

Introductory exercises(different for the different training courses):

(including slides that you can use to introduce Ketso, adapt to suit your workshop or needs): 

Answering research questions (Ketso as a Research Method, Methods@Manchester Course)

Evaluating projects and services (General Introduction to Ketso)

Helping people to learn (Ketso for mentoring, coaching and one-to-one work)

Note that the only difference between the three sets of slides above is the core topic and the branches.

Powerpoint slides to help you with Ketso (used after the intro exercise)

Principles of effective and engaging workshops

Planning a workshop and top hints