Resources from Ketso Sessions in Glasgow

Ketso Foundations Training and Taster Session with Scottish Refugee Council in Glasgow

Feb. 13 and 14, 2014

Thanks to GRAMNet for hosting two excellent events for us in Scotland. 29 people attended the day's training session on the Thursday, and a further 17 came to a taster session to hear about how the Scottish Refugee Council have been using Ketso to facilitate dialogue and integrate co-delivery and creative planning with a wide range of stakeholders into their services and strategies.

The results from these workshops and the slides used can be downloaded from this page.

The slides used in the training session may be of general interest, and the slides used to introduce the taster session on co-production can be adapted to introduce any Ketso workshop.

Results from Workshops

Effective workshops - taster session with delegates on Ketso Foundations training

What I have learned in this Ketso training

Planning our own workshops - ideas developed by delegates for their own workshops

Integrating Co-production into the Delivery of Programmes and Services

Full set of results from worskshop

Key points that were raised in the workshop on Co-production  (as highlighted by particpants) were:

What works:

  • Project evaluations
  • Authentic participation / involvement
  • Transparency
  • Social Media
  • The follow up is true to the ideas

New Ideas:

  • Removal of Barriers (or is it overcome the barriers?)
  • Removal of organisational / cultural barriers
  • Build trust
  • Encourage different ideas
  • Have FUN!
  • Empower rather than Decision power
  • open no/ agenda
  • Authentic engagement
  • Be responsive to needs
  • involve earlier to show importance of what trying to achieve
  • Make Compromises
  • Identity intersectionality
  • act on what people say
  • SROI
  • Celebrate success
  • Detailed monitoring + evaluation - is what you are doing really working?


  • [Lack of] Resources / Money
  • No Buy In
  • Competing interests/ priorities
  • indifference / unconcerned
  • Hidden Agendas
  • Direction (changing vision to chase funds)
  • Lack of interest / buying

PopwerPoint Slides Used in Training

Joe Brady's Talk

Integrating Co-Production into the Delivery of Programmes and Services - workshop using Ketso

Principles of Effective Workshops

Capturing and analysing results

Planning a workshop top hints

Running a workshop top hints

Principles of Stakeholder Engagement (broader principles)


Planning a workshop hand outs:

Ketso Seeds Handout

Ketso Branches Handout

Ketso Workshop Handout