Carbon Landscape

Developing ideas for the Carbon Landscape with the RoundView 2017

The Carbon Landscape is a £3.1m project to restore the landscape between Manchester, Warrington and Wigan. It is a 5 year project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The RoundView is a big-picture, positive vision of sustainability. Developed in research at The University of Manchester, it provides tools to support effective communication and decision-making towards a healthier and more sustainable future. This page collates results from the workshops at the start of the Carbon Landscape programme.

The Future of Wigan and the Deal, July 13, 2017

There were twenty-two participants in this RoundView workshop held for Wigan Council as part of the Carbon Landscape Project. Roughly one-third of the participants were working in health and public health and one-third broadly in the environmental field, with others  working in heritage, planning and social care as well as projects across the Council.

The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on the bigger picture, do some creative thinking and generate ideas to help shape the future of The Carbon Landscape
  • Facilitate dialogue amongst colleagues from different departments and organisations and explore synergies between their areas of work
  • Provide an opportunity to learn about The RoundView and how it may be of use in their work

Following a brief introduction to the  Carbon Landscape project, participants were asked two questions (using Ketso to gather ideas):

  • What resources / people / projects should the Carbon Landscape team know about in Wigan?
  • How can the Carbon  Landscape help the future of Wigan and the Deal?

The RoundView was then introduced, including how this framework of sustainability is influencing the Carbon Landscape. Participants were then asked for further creative thoughts for the future of Wigan and the Carbon Landscape inspired by the RoundView. A total of 213 ideas were developed during this two-hour workshop.

The distribution of ideas across themes used to stimulate the discussion (on the Ketso felts) can be seen in the chart on the right. As can be seen, the highest overall number of ideas emerged around the theme of ‘Healthy and Active Lifestyles’, in particular  around how the Carbon Landscape could help Wigan and the Deal. The second highest number of ideas overall, and the highest around resources that the Carbon Landscape team should be aware of to help them in their work, emerged under the theme of ‘Community Involvement and Resilience’.

The list below shows the ideas under each of these themes, starting with those highlighted by participants as being their personal priorities (shown in bold) along with a few striking ideas to emerge after the discussion about the RoundView. The full range of ideas to emerge in the workshop can be downloaded here.

Healthy and Active Lifestyles

  • Work with community groups and existing provision to engage with this
  • Heart of Wigan and lifestyle changes
  • Linking physical activity to improving awareness of environmental matters
  • Incredible Edible
  • More edible planting
  • Create educational resources/heritage walks
  • Create interactive digital maps to use along the Carbon Loop/trails
  • Improving public health through this opportunity to engage with the carbon landscape
  • There is a big public health prevention programme underway, the Heart of Wigan, We need to link this work into this programme and embed the principles into this work to help with our strategic priorities
  • It is very interesting to think of how we transport people around the Borough, thinking of the transport agenda, thinking of paths as a way to get around not just for health, this is something to take back and push
  • Safer routes for cycling/walking
  • Provide more sustainable multi-user routes
  • Travel options - improve infrastructure, links and cost
  • Using biological control instead of pesticides- Azolla beetle

Community Involvement and Resilience

  • Bringing community groups together
  • Dementia friendly communities
  • Reconnecting people with nature
  • Connecting communities with heritage venues and areas
  • Reach out to different audiences to see the landscape
  • Embed with Community Investment Fund bids
  • Influencing policy change locally/GM/nationally!
  • Eco-friendly adult provision for social care
  • Community resilience champions
  • Carbon Landscape exhibitions in local venues
  • Educating the community about the environment and processes

Improving the Environment

  • Able to provide infrastructure to connect communities to nature
  • Leigh Masterplan and Pennington
  • Education on use of peat
  • Funding for improvement of footpaths, etc.
  • Develop transport system to be eco-friendly (for adult social care)
  • Educate about air quality and the difference individuals can make i.e. anti-idling
  • The physical way we manage land
  • Type of planting we use e.g. plant for pollinators
  • Encouraging schools to access wetlands to learn about environment
  • Use master planning and local green developments to grow thinking

Local Economy and Livelihoods

  • Local knowledge of heritage and habitat
  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Needs to be a higher level decision i.e. government
  • Improve air quality through development and planning - creative offset solutions
  • Educating the younger generation to pass on to older people
  • Using pigs to manage woodland
  • Circular economy - making links

As this workshop was funded by The University of Manchester’s School of Environment, Education and Development Rapid Response Impact Fund, and it also aimed to explore the impact of the RoundView, participants were asked for specific feedback on this approach.  Two-thirds of the participants found the RoundView to be ‘Extremely useful’ with most of the remaining one third finding it to be ‘Very useful' (one found it 'Somewhat useful'). Comments and further feedback  are summarised here.

Workshop with Project Team for the Carbon Landscape, July 12, 2017

The newly appointed project team for the Carbon Landscape met with The University of Manchester team on July 12 to brainstorm ideas and connections for the project, using the RoundView as a stimulus for ideas. A total of 289 ideas were developed. The  types of ideas distributed across the themes used to structure the discussion can be seen in the chart to the right. The full set of ideas can be downloaded here

The ideas highlighted as key by participants are shown below:

  • Proximity to people [Existing asset]
  • Guardians of the landscape - protect and restore
  • Mitigation for habitat loss
  • Sustainable ecosystems
  • Educating people
  • Awareness, education, subscription
  • Letting communities know about the CL offer
  • Education accessible; learning through fun
  • Giving people opportunity to train and learn new skills
  • Connecting people to their landscape/fostering a sense of ownership
  • Make the link and 'good'/'bad' story explicit and accessible - ART?

There was also a discussion about specific different project strands. The full set of ideas can be downloaded here.  The ideas highlighted as most significant by participants were:

  • Community consultation and involvement in discussions? (Time limited)
  • Rotating role of facilitating better communication between project team and partners
  • Effective planning and someone to take lead
  • Regular review sessions to share (e.g. Ketso)
  • Conflict of interest - wildlife and people
  • Engaging with wider audience of local community to instill sense of pride and oversight in the area
  • Sustained engagement - slowly build relationships, do what we say, catch ups over 5 years
  • Seasonal events
  • Carbon Trail as model and enabler of sustainable and active transport