International, cross-functional communication

Airbus is a global leader in design and manufacturing for the aerospace industry, specialising in commercial aircraft, with divisions for Space, Defence and Helicopters.

Airbus chose Ketso following a search for non-conventional methods of facilitating a workshop.

The Need

They were faced with the challenge of transforming the analysis of an extremely rich database into a creative and productive workshop. Airbus needed to run a workshop for participants from several countries and functions in the business. As part of a communication project the workshop had the objective of mapping diverse tools and activities deployed internally throughout the company.

Airbus also required an accelerated process of analysing participants’ inputs. They wanted to make sure they made the most of people’s time and gathered maximum insight from the workshop.

Ketso Solution

The philosophy behind Ketso helped the team structure the working session in a way that resulted in useful outputs that exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially as the workshop only lasted one hour.
Breaking down the session into 10-minute slots and animating each slot with a hands-on activity added a fun element to the brainstorming. Importantly, Ketso helped kick off the discussion instantaneously, which acted as an ice-breaker, and it ensured contribution by each member of the group. Everybody had a voice.

The wealth of ideas generated in the workshop were quickly analysed using the post-workshop Ketso spreadsheets. These helped Airbus quickly and objectively decide upon further actions.

Client testimonial

“When aiming to achieve simplicity and efficiency of the processes in a global organisation, getting the big picture is crucial to arriving at the right solutions. Ketso provided us with an effective visual means for grasping a complex structure and playing with it in an innovative way.”

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