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Project management for accounting

Ketso was used successfully a number of times by an Accounting Supervisor at a location in northern California where 15 geothermal power plants generated close to 700 megawatts of power at that time.

The kit was needed to organise and involve operations managers during an ERP accounting software upgrade.

The Need

The firm was in the planning stages of a huge ERP accounting software upgrade which would involve a complete re-structuring of the chart of accounts.

It was important to have power plant managers understand the implications of the new system, how it would impact them, particularly as it related to major maintenance projects such as plant overhauls, and to make sure they had a say in how their specific needs could be met through the configuration of the new chart fields.

Ketso Solution

The Accounting Supervisor convened a group of operations managers who were initially sceptical about this Ketso brainstorming system that used a black felt and leaves and branches. The purpose of the meeting was explained, specifically the complexity of the new accounting system and how important it was for them to be involved in the configuration of the chart fields.

The Accounting Supervisor began showing them how Ketso could visually organise their needs and they gradually started to express their ideas. By the end of two hours everyone was involved and the session proved to be very productive. They were able to lay out a system that would allow charges to any given power plant or project to be easily identifiable for future cost-benefit analysis, and ensure that the ERP project team addressed the managers’ needs.

Client testimonial

“I have used Ketso with great success a number of times at my place of work… Several times I used Ketso to trouble shoot issues in the accounting department.”

– Accounting Supervisor at Energy firm

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