Healthwatch Cheshire East
Engaging with service users to shape &
improve health & wellbeing services

Healthwatch Cheshire is an independent organisation set up to provide a voice for the residents of East Cheshire. They have the job of listening and interpreting the opinions of local people, to help shape the delivery of support services in the region.

Ketso seemed the ideal tool to provide an interactive and inclusive way to get people to focus on topics of relevance.

The Need

They needed a way to make sure that service users were able to give their ideas for future projects, and a way to really learn about what matters to people with different health needs. They wanted to find an inclusive way to gather ideas from people, and a way to make sure that those ideas could be used to link up and signpost people to health and wellbeing organisations in the area.

Activities that needed an inclusive methodology ranged from planning future projects at volunteer meetings, to working with the local Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, to looking at health and wellbeing issues for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition, they needed an effective toolkit for service agenda planning.

Ketso Solution

Using Ketso helped them to drill down to the root causes of issues and to focus on the actions for improvement. Projects have been implemented using Ketso findings, and the way they ask for feedback questions has become more focussed by using this method.

There were found to be some great advantages of using Ketso. All participants had their say by writing and discussing their contribution. It proved a very visual way of facilitating group discussion, as people could easily add to the threads.

Client testimonial

“Feedback has been positive from delegates, they feel that this way they have had their contributions included, whereas their ideas are sometimes lost in pure discussion. By writing the ideas down, they are included and not lost.”

-Julia McCoy, Volunteer and Service Development Coordinator, Healthwatch Cheshire East

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