Kim Emson Animates
Animation development

Kim Emson Animates is a creative service using video animation and marketing strategy to help businesses promote their products and services.

During the consultancy phase to work out the client’s needs and business operation, Ketso worked to capture the right details and was a fun tool to use.

The Need

The challenge was to make animations that reflected each client’s business accurately and Ketso was used to capture all the information needed to form a comprehensive overview.

Kim wanted to change the way she worked with her clients to refine the storytelling process. It was important to her business to find out every little detail about her clients’ businesses, in order to help create effective animations that reflected their offerings well.

Ketso Solution

A Ketso 3 mini kit was used to help glean every last detail about their businesses in order to completely understand them. It was an extremely efficient system and clients were impressed with the toolkit, and the process.

The outcome of the meetings with the clients ensured everyone involved was feeling excited about the animations and Kim said she was better informed than ever to make the best animation for them.

Client testimonial

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Ketso. I have been enjoying using the kit, and it has enhanced my business so much… Firstly the clients really enjoyed the process and are able to refine their business marketing messages. Secondly, they really felt involved in the animation process more than was previously possible, and thirdly they were inspired by the fresh and original process I was using.”

– Kim Emson, Owner of Kim Emson Animates

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