Renfrewshire Council
Internal team development & strategic planning

Having used Ketso successfully in engagement with community members and partnership development, Renfrewshire Council decided to use the kit for internal team development and planning.

An example of this is two seminars attended by senior managers from across the council’s services.

The Need

A significant majority of managers had a very positive view of their work and their team. However, analysis had identified scope for improvement.

They wanted to invite managers to an interactive workshop in order to identify actions needed to achieve improvement in these areas. They needed a way for participants to both share their ideas and prioritise those they felt strongly about.

Ketso Solution

The Ketso interactive workshop session ensured that points of action were identified for making improvements. Ketso grids were used to organise actions according to six improvement areas. The organiser commented that they found it useful to see the ideas laid out and see the feedback from participants. The fact that ideas can be moved around on a Ketso enabled the ideas to be sorted by priorities.

Comments and suggestions gathered during the workshop session have become part of the Council-wide action plan.

Client testimonial

“The majority of participants agreed that this workshop format gave everyone a voice and took the pressure off facilitators. This was backed up by the feedback from participants. 98% of the 293 participants who gave feedback responded positively to the question: ‘Do you agree that the workshop allowed participants to work together, share ideas and be creative?’.”

– Kasia Owczarek, Policy Manager, Policy and Performance Unit, Renfrewshire Council

Ready to use Ketso?

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