Scottish Government, Scottish Refugee Council &
Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
Integration strategy for refugees & asylum seekers

Refugees in Scotland’s Communities was a process to refresh Scotland’s strategy on integrating refugees and asylum seekers during 2012-13. It was coordinated by the Scottish Government, Scottish Refugee Council and Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA).

Ketso was used to help experts in decision making around policies that affected the integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

The Need

The team developing the strategy required a series of themed meetings, bringing together groups of refugees and asylum seekers with experts from across the public sector to consider particular policy areas that relate to the integration of refugees – housing, health, education, community cohesion etc.

They needed a way to ensure that there was a productive and inclusive dialogue that pulled in the opinions of all the stakeholders.

Ketso Solution

Ketso ensured that all of the views were fed into the strategy review. Ketso also helped to build a picture of what worked well in terms of refugee integration in Scotland, identifying gaps. It generated lots of good ideas about the way ahead, even when the issues being discussed were seen as challenging and contentious.

Ketso was the key tool for engagement with stakeholders in this series of workshops. The team found that using the Ketso spreadsheet for analysis of results from several different felts allowed them to see surprising themes.

You can download and read the results in the integration strategy ‘New Scots‘.

An evaluation of progress a year after the publication of the national strategy found that the refugees felt ‘heard’ and they had been able to fully participate in the process.

Client testimonial

“I appreciate the way that the tool itself, with the coloured leaves and the process that goes with them, helps you to really find out what the assets are, and to surface ideas and thoughts that would otherwise tend to stay unspoken. I have seen how the kit can help generate innovation, moving people from a position of cynicism to one of fresh thinking and energy. In addition, you have a way to manage the dominant voices that is powerful and unusual in my experience of participatory processes.”

– Joe Brady, Head of Integration Services, Scottish Refugee Council

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