Sefton Council for Voluntary Service
Developing a bid for a project to
address mental health stigma

Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) is an independent registered charity, which provides support and development services to voluntary community and faith sector groups in the Sefton metropolitan district.

Anne-Marie Morrison, Sefton CVS’s Health Promotion Officer, ran a workshop using Ketso to develop ideas for a ‘Time to Change’ funding bid to address stigma through social contact.

The Need

The participants were a very diverse group of people, half mental health service users and half professionals from organisations in Sefton, all working together to develop ideas for this bid.

Participants had a range of communication abilities and levels of literacy, so Sefton CVS needed a way to allow all views to be expressed. They wanted to ensure that the proposed project really met the needs of the people they were working with, and they needed an approach that would work well for people living with mental ill-health.

Ketso Solution

Ketso was used to gather enough input to inform the bid in just 1.5 hours. There were 12 participants in the workshop, a mix of service users and professionals. Feedback was very positive, with one participant reflecting on how this was different to other workshops as “there was more input from service users”.

Ketso provided a solution for gathering ideas and developing connections between the people involved, which led to direct action.

Client testimonial

“The session was a great success and the feedback very good. Everybody agreed Ketso was a great leveller and enabled everyone to work well together. We now have lots of ideas and evidence for our funding bid. Ketso helped us to pull together the ideas and see patterns in them quickly and effectively.”

– Anne-Marie Morrison, Sefton CVS’s Health Promotion Officer

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