Trafford Housing Trust
Improving business performance through engagement

Trafford Housing Trust is a profit-for-purpose housing association with a ‘mission to make society fairer for everyone’. They manage nearly 9000 homes in Greater Manchester.

They used Ketso to make improvements in their business, and to engage in more productive ways of generating insight, ways that were inclusive and gave everyone involved a say.

The Need

They needed ways to help the business improve, and they wanted to develop customer-centric KPIs, to ensure that their service is aligned to customer demand. They wanted to engage with their customers in a more productive way.

As well as wanting to improve their capacity to deliver on customer insight, they needed a way to develop their internal services, including HR, through a better understanding of how staff felt about the services and the improvements that could be made.

Ketso Solution

The use of Ketso has given rise to several business improvements. For example, their Anti-Social Behaviour service’s key performance indicators have been redesigned based on customer feedback gathered in focus groups using Ketso.

They found Ketso to be an intuitive and user-friendly way of engaging both customers and staff. Using Ketso allowed all participants to contribute their opinions, as those who were less comfortable voicing their feedback or concerns could write down or draw their comments for inclusion in the analysis. The concept of branches and leaves helped to structure the discussion, yet it was still flexible enough to allow new ideas to be recorded.

Client testimonial

“One of the key things that has made Ketso so useful to us is the way in which you can readily gather feedback from individuals in a qualitative way, and very quickly deliver analysis. This means that we can get results to where they are needed quickly, to feed into processes of decision making. The combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis has provided evidence for service improvements.”

– Julian Westwood, Head of Business Intelligence, Trafford Housing Trust

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