Package details

What is included in the Community Involvement Support Package and how does it work?

You get a personally designed in-house workshop, a tried and tested toolkit, and extensive resources and support for you to use it to meet your community involvement needs. Details of each part of the full package are described below.

In-house workshop with your team

The session will be run using the Ketso toolkit so that you experience first hand how it involves people and helps them work together. We will focus on your community involvement work and on how it can be enhanced and supported.
Time will be made for any specific issues that you wish to deal with that you inform us about during the pre-planning stages. We'll start to develop actual workshop or event plans with you that you can use in your community involvement process.

We are based in Manchester and will travel to you within reason in the North West. In other cases we can negotiate reasonable travel expenses.

Pre-workshop consultation

Through email and telephone, we will discuss with you more about your needs and use this information to tailor your in-house workshop. We expect this to take in the region of several emails and a phone conversation. The more information you are able to provide in your initial expression of interest the more easily and efficiently we will be able to design your workshop.

Ketso24 toolkit

Your Ketso24 that is included in the package will be dispatched to you immediately on receipt of a confirmed order. This is sufficient for workshops with up to 24 participants. Depending upon the scale of the work that you are undertaking, we may recommend renting or buying more Ketsos at a specially discounted rate. This will be clarified after your expression of interest and before your confirmed order.

Follow-up support

After your in-house workshop we will provide phone and email support to assist you with the further development of your workshop plans,and advice on planning and delivering your community involvement events. A half-day equivalent time with one of our experienced Ketso practitioners is included in the package. An increased level of support is available on request.

Extensive additional resources available online

Our website offers tried and tested workshop plans for you to download and use. With the follow-up support in this package, tailoring these to your needs will be simple. We have videos made by Dr. Joanne Tippett sharing tips and techniques from her years of experience running events and engaging with the community. We also have some exciting new developments on the horizon... stay tuned.

10% discount on further purchases for the following two months after the package

This includes any rentals, use of our "Type-up and clean" service, or other training or facilitation that you may want.

How it works

  1. To get started, fill in our expression of interest form here. This will enable us to confirm that this package is suited to your needs and that we are able to meet your expectations. We'll get back to you via email or phone (your choice).
  2. We will then agree a schedule and any details, so you can place a confirmed order.
  3. We send you your Ketso24 toolkit and invoice you for half the total package cost.
  4. In due course (according to the agreed schedule) we will consult with you to prepare your in-house workshop, and then deliver that workshop.
  5. You make use of your follow-up support when you need it. We invoice for the second half of the package cost after your support allocation is used up.
  6. You run engaging and cost-effective community involvement events thereafter, with your re-useable toolkit.