MiniKetso - New Product

We now have the first limited batch of Mini-Ketsos for sale.

Download an order form here.

A Mini-Ketso comes in a slim wallet about the size of a lap top. It weights 700 grammes and is 38 by 30 cm, and 4 cm deep.The handle is detachable.

The felt is quarter the size of the larger Ketsos, and is suitable for individual use, one-to-one meetings (such as coaching sessions or performance development reviews) or small group meetings (up to four). The kit comes with a Ketso Planner (small grid), icons, leaves, pens and action cards.

A Mini Ketso costs £115 plus VAT and shipping. 

We are delighted to be working with Motif, a fair trade organisation working with socially outcast people in Bangladesh, who are making the wallets for us out of recycled demin, concrete sacks and coconut shells (shown on the right).

What have the first customers of Mini-Ketso been saying?

Kasia Owczarek, Policy Officer, Partnership Team - Chief Executive's Service at Renfrewshire Council

"The Chief Executive’s Service has been using mini-Ketso at various internal meetings involving strategy development, workload planning and informal brainstorming sessions. 

It is a great tool to kick start the discussion and helps to keep it on the right track. People don’t digress from the topic and use the Ketso to arrive at specific actions. The size is perfect for small meetings and informal brainstorming sessions.

People who used mini-Ketso in our department said it was better than a flipchart and helped them come up with actual project plans instead of scattered ideas with no links."

Disability Support Study Coaches

The University of Manchester has bought 47 Mini-Ketsos for students and coaches to use, and we are getting great feedback from their use in coaching and study skills development as well as in one-to-one sessions and small meetings.

“Impressed with its ability to make order out of seeming chaos, I've listed Ketso on a new student's learning plan.  There's a long essay coming up that Ketso will help to organise.” Christina Heaton | Study Coach | Access SUMMIT

“Ketso should be a good resource for use with students who have got 'stuck' with a task.  It will engage them in a creative way and challenge them to think.”  Study Coach | Access SUMMIT

University Lecturer

"I've used Mini-Ketso for brainstorming thesis research problems, methodologies and case studies with PhD students, and using it for personal research articles, to plan structure and content.

It was a novel way of getting students to analyse their own research plans, and think strategically about the different components of a PhD. Personally, it helped me think through conceptual problems, definitions and examples, and re-work the structure of a research article.

It is a useful size compared with larger Ketso, for fitting on a desk and working on more intimate problems with a smaller group."

.Mini Ketso is useful for:

  • Working as an individual or pair to plan a presentation, assignment or piece of writing
  • Working as an individual or pair to brainstorm ideas for a project
  • Use in meetings to develop ideas / go through an agenda (e.g. PhD Supervision meetings)
  • Counselling work in a one-on-one session
  • Tutoring for students with learning disabilities – e.g. in constructing an argument, planning an essay, developing strategies for learning
  • Developing a mini-action plan (the mini Ketso comes with a Ketso planner)
  • Quick exercises in classes or training session – e.g. people working in pairs or threes on a planning exercise or to explore ideas

For more details contact us either through email or by phone.