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Based on years of experience, the Ketso team has created a series of example workshop plans to make it easy for you to plan your event or meeting with confidence. These are free and open source.

The Ketso kit can be seen as hardware that allows you to use many different 'applications', or ways of using Ketso.

Our aim is to build a library of user-contributed plans and suggestions, creating a growing open source library of workshop plans and ideas for effective engagement.



Basic structure of a Ketso workshop

A Ketso workshop at its most basic consists of a series of questions asked in sequence, using the coloured leaves for different questions. We call this series of questions the 'Ketso Seed'.

In addition there is a 'trunk', the core focus, which is written on the centrepiece, and (often) 'branches', which give themes to help structure the workshop.  This is illustrated below with our most commonly used Ketso Seed, Explore & Plan, and a set of generic branches that work well for many project planning contexts. 

PLUS Centrepiece & branches

As shown above, the colours of the leaves have a growth metaphor to help people remember the key stages, and to help guide you through key principles of effective stakeholder engagement, such as 'start with the postive'. For more detail on the pieces of the Ketso kit have been designed to help you run an effective workshop, see this page.

You can also download slides about key principles of effective workshops (nd how Ketso helps to achieve them) and top hints for stakeholder engagement here.

There are five core Ketso Seeds, different ways to run Ketso workshops:

Explore & Plan

Review & Reflect

Feedback & Discuss

Learn - Beginnings

Learn - Review

These core seeds can be adapted to many different workshop situations, as demonstrated in the library of workshop plans. They have been tried and tested in hundreds of workshops with thousands of people.

The Ketso seeds have been designed to include key messages for effective stakeholder engagement, which we have developed through experience of running workshops with thousands of participants (download PowerPoint discussing these principles here). For instance, we always try to start with the positive rather than asking questions with a negative slant, as this both encourages creativity and helps people to start in a positive frame of mind.

The following images show the four additional core Ketso Seeds, with the metaphors behind the colours of the leaves to help remember them. Many of the more detailed workshop plans in the library are built around these core seeds. The workshop plans include additional seeds (different varieties suitable for different contexts).

Ketso seed reflect review

The Review & Reflect seed is a counterpart to the Explore & Plan seed, used to review activities, programmes and events. It contains elements of looking forward, to enable learning from experience. It is important to have a stage of creative thinking (green leaf) before looking at what didn't go well, to enable creative thinking, as open creative thought can be inhibited by dwelling on negative aspects.

With the Feedback & Discuss seed the aim is to explore an idea, or to gain feedback on ideas or a strategy. The initial, brown leaf stage allows for participants to explore how they understand the topic, or to think of what they want to get out of whatever it is that is under disucssion, before the felts are unfolded and the themes are revealed. This allows for people to see what they think about the topic before thinking becomes directed by the themes. This can also be used to develop themes (clustering them around empty branches to see what themes emerge) if the topic is quite open and you don't yet have any themes.

The branches for these could be the different aims of a strategy, sections of a report, themes in a course, or key ideas that you want to have feedback on. We have given some examples of branches that work well with this seed, such as for 'Exploring career options', below.


The next two seeds relate to teaching and learning.

The Learn - Beginnings seed is one to use at the start of a course or training. The branches for these could be the themes of the course or key ideas that will be covered during the training.

This second 'learning seed' is one you could use to review learning towards, or at the end, of a course or training session. Again, the branches can be the main themes or sections of the course, or the same as were used in the Learn - beginnings session. The gaps can be as revealing as the areas that are filled!



Resources useful for all workshops

Click on the links below to download the documents (Word Documents unless otherwise noted).

  • Ketso Workshop Planning Guide
  •  Introduction to Ketso (PowerPoint Slideshow available for you to use and adapt - includes pictures you can use to introduce the Ketso process and a slies to lead you through a 'classic' Look forward / plan workshop, that can be adapted to suit your workshop)

You can download an image of a Ketso felt which you can add your own workshop focus (centrepiece) and themes (branches) here: