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See these FAQs for more information on capturing the outcomes of a Ketso workshop and writing reports from the data.

About the tools

Excel spreadsheet for writing up results of Ketso workshop

We have developed a ready-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for writing-up and analysing the results of a Ketso workshop. Please note this is an update as of March 2015 (it fixes bugs with filtering when there are over 200 rows of data). 

This spreadsheet allows for sorting and analysis of data from multiple felts and even multiple different workshops.

It creates simple graphs from the data you enter (as shown on the right) and allows you to sort and filter by branch theme, colour of leaf and whether or not there are icons by the ideas.

We reccomend that you enter the leaves from all of the felts from the same workshop into one spreadsheet, so that you can analyse several groups' ideas and see patterns. You can add your own cross-cutting themes, and also see charts showing the distribution of types of ideas by these themes.

This excel spreadsheet is a new version (Dec, 8, 2013), incorporating feedback from our customers. It is easier to enter data and leads you through the process with a series of simple forms. There is a button called 'Charts and Tables' that will generate charts of the data, and allow you to view and filter the data in many different ways.

The spreadsheet is fully functional with Excel 2007 onwards, and you can enter data in Excel 2003. It only works on a Mac if you are using the Parallels Windows operating system.

You need to enable macros for the spreadsheet to work. On some operating systems it starts with a box that says "type mismatch", we can't work out why - but all you need to do is click OK and it doesn't seem to affect the performance.

Feedback so far has been great:

" I really like the new layout, and how the pictures of the leaves and branches come up, it makes it easier to translate what’s on the felt into data. It’s very easy to navigate and use as well." Rose Ravetz, former Ketso Intern

Tip for Power Users - you can unlock and re-lock the spreadsheet by pressing Control and L, to allow for sorting by cross-cutting themes etc. If you add several rows of leaves, pressing Control Q resets the colours of leaves. Be careful when it is unlocked as you can mess up the settings - and make sure if you do do any pasting, that you only paste values.

This PowerPoint presentation about  the spreadsheet leads you through process of entering and analysing data.


Excel spreadsheet for writing up the results from a Ketso Grid

Due to requests from customers, we have developed a spreadsheet for recording the results from a Ketso grid, such as an action plan or evaluation matrix. This tool is useful not just for recording the results, but also as an ongoing way of managing project and recording and developing actions.

The default leaf meanings are set for an action plan, these can easily be changed in the legend to suit the way you have used the leaves.

The spreadsheet is fully functional with Excel 2007 onwards, and you can enter data in Excel 2003. It has not yet been tested on a Mac. You need to enable macros for the spreadsheet to work.

For ideas on how to use the Ketso grid as an action planning tool, see this workshop plan.

These two new spreadsheet were developed by Robert Meakin.  If anyone needs bespoke spreadsheets, data analysis tools or application development, contact Robert at meakin [dot] robert [at] He not only has the technical skills, he has worked hard with us to get the look and feel and the way the spreadsheet works right.

If you have any feedback, notice any bugs, or have requests for improvements, please do let us know.

Simple Word Template for writing up results of Ketso workshop

You can also download a simple template in Word for recording the outcomes from workshops. This is useful when you just need a simple record of key ideas. Note that this does not easily allow you to show connections between ideas, nor sort ideas from different felts.

More electronic resources, including eKetso and tutorials for writing up the results, are under development.