Library of Workshop Plans

This page shows a summaries of the workshop plans developed and tested by Ketso. These are provided open-source for you to download and use. If you do change them, we recommend that you look first the information about how the plans are structured

We would love to hear about how you use them, and how you find the plans. In particular, we would like to hear of what was useful to you and suggestions for improvement. The pages for each plan have a field at the bottom for your comments.

Click on the plan to go to a page with more detail and free, open resources to download. These plans are broken down into the following broad categories:

Project planning & decision-making

Reviewing and forward planning for an organisation / away day

This plan helps an organisation or team review performance over a period of time and start to develop ideas for the future. It can be used in conjunction with 'developing an action plan' to go into more detail for a future plan.

Review & Reflect

Possible Branches:
Products / services (what we offer)
Operations (how things get done)


Partnerships & community

Resources & financing


Planning an event

This uses the basic 'Plan &  look forward seed', with a slight tweak to work out what the team and the participants hope to get from the event.

Plan & Look forward

Possible Branches:
Who - participants
Who - event team

Place / venue

Resources / funding
Marketing & publicity
Communication & planning

Activities (what can we do?)

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats - SWOT exercise

This workshop plan uses a combination of spatial location on the felt and colour to develop a SWOT analysis.





Developing an idea for an enterprise (or social enterprise)

This workshop is designed to help a group develop a new idea for an enterprise or social enterprise. It is designed to allow the group to start from scratch, exploring options, in preparation for developing a fuller plan for the enterprise. The branches are left blank to allow space for emerging enterprise ideas.  This plan is for open exploration of possible new ideas for a business, whilst the next workshop plan, planning an enterprise, is for developing a plan for taking these ideas forward.

Plan & Look forward


Planning an enterprise (or social enterprise)

This workshop is designed to help a group explore ways to develop an enterprise (including a social enterprise). It includes stages to discuss what assets the group already has access to in order to realise the business idea, and to develop creative thinking about how they can achieve success.

Plan & Look forward

Possible Branches:
Product/service & customer
Marketing & sales

Production & delivery

Infrastructure & operations
Research & development
Cash flow & financing

Team & partnerships

Planning for sustainability

This workshop is designed to help a group explore ways to enhance sustainability. It includes stages to discuss what assets the group already has to enhance sustainability, and to think through what they could be doing differently.

Plan & Look forward

Possible Branches:


Environment (built) 

Developing an action plan

This workshop is designed to help a group explore ways to develop an action plan. It can follow on from workshops designed to develop a project idea or to engage with stakeholders.

You can also do a very quick gathering of ideas into a simple action plan as feedback from a workshop. See this FAQ.


Generic project planning

The aim of this workshop plan is for participants to work as a team to develop ideas (e.g. for a sustainable port), learn from each other, explore issues of interest and see them from different perspectives, and to develop creative engagement and collaborative planning learning skills.

Plan & Look forward

Possible Branches:






Stakeholder & community engagement

Engaging stakeholders in our projects

This workshop is designed to people consider how best to engage stakeholders in their project.

Exploring a research topic

Delivering value in a time of budget cuts

Exploring sense of place

This workshop plan helps people to explore different aspects of what makes up a sense of place. It can be used to inform future planning for an area, helping to preserve the essential characteristics that make a place special.

Explore & Discuss

Possible Branches:




Community planning

Developing a plan for a neighbourhood or local landscape

This workshop is designed to help a group develop a plan for their neighbourhood or a local landscape, such as a park.

Plan & Look forward

Possible Branches:


Environment (built)

Gathering input into community plans

The detailed plan shows a series of workshops plans developed for Renfrewshire's 2010 Community Planning Conference.

Plan & Look forward

The plan includes possible branches for: Our local area; Breaking the poverty cycle; Bringing communities together; Citizens and services: working together; Tackling crime and offending; Improving our health; Improving Renfrewshire’s economy; Learning and skills; and Sustainable living.

Snow & Ice contingency planning (or planning for other emergencies)

This workshop is designed to help a community group develop a contingency plan for dealing with snow and ice in their community.

Plan & Look forward

Possible Branches:
Getting food & supplies

Moving around - foot & bike paths; roads; public transport

Infrastructure - energy; water; communications
Communication & coordination


Training & capacity building

Exploring careers options

This workshop is designed to help people explore their career options. It can be adapted for different age groups.

Explore & Discuss

Possible Branches:
Community & youth work

Technology & science

Business & services
Cultural & arts
Environment: urban & rural
Making things
Out of the box / ambitious


Teaching & learning


Planning your dissertations (group supervision, also suitable for extended projects)

Common mistakes in academic assignments & how to avoid them

Structuring a university level essay (can be undergraduate or postgraduate)

What do I already know? Starting a new module / training session
What have I learned? Reviewing a module / training session