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Ketso is a powerful tool for problem-solving, planning and learning, it can be used on your own or one-to-one (which is great with kids), or in small group settings. It is perfect for small businesses preparing for a return to work and the ‘new normal’. 

Iris developing a plan

Just like you have apps on a phone or tablet, there are many different ‘apps’ for Ketso kits, too. Unlike digital, Ketso apps are used with a physical kit, encouraging hands-on work and face-to-face engagement.

We have apps for learning and play, planning together, having good conversations, writing, project development and more, there’s something for everybody! This is a kit you can use in many ways over many years, as your projects and learning develop.

We are adding regularly to a library of these ideas and ways of using Ketso here.

We are offering two of our family-friendly Ketso kits in a special rental package, try before you buy, so as many people as possible can gain the benefits and support from using them.

Helping people to stay positive, healthy and creative throughout this challenging time.[vc_empty_space][vc_btn title=”RENT OR BUY HERE” color=”orange” align=”center” link=”url:/ketso-shop/#|||”]

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