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Meet The Ketso Team

The Ketso team are dedicated to helping your organisation with achieving its needs.

Dr Joanne Tippett

Founder & Managing Director

Joanne is the original creator of Ketso, and she now manages the overall direction of the business. She brings over 20 years of experience in community and stakeholder engagement to designing workshops and helping customers to make the most of Ketso. As a lecturer at The University of Manchester, she continues the teaching and research that led to Ketso.

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Fraser How

Lead Facilitator & Trainer

Fraser How is an experienced facilitator and co-developer of Ketso. He has run Ketso workshops for a wide range of organisations – from small team meetings, to major workshops with hundreds of people. He co-develops Ketso applications with Joanne, trains new Ketso facilitators and leads on data analysis and reporting for clients.

Helen Fulcher

Office & Service Manager

Helen runs the Ketso office and takes care of customer service. She also helps with workshop facilitation and the all-important type-up and analysis of results for clients and customers. She is particularly interested in the use of Ketso for counselling, therapy and better personal communication.

James Rudee


James advises on the strategic direction of the company and brings his engineering skills to bear in advising on our systems and software. He is also Senior Engineer at Calrec Audio.

Dr Bill Tippett


Bill was central to Ketso’s development. He brought his experience of materials innovation from his lifelong work in textiles to the design and manufacture of Ketso, along with a passion for enhancing environmental sustainability and social impact in the supply chain. He is sadly missed since his death in 2014.

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We’re Here For You

If you want to contact a Ketso team member for more information or if you have a question, we would be happy to hear from you.

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