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Our vision is for people everywhere to learn and work together more inclusively and effectively, to develop creative solutions to the challenges they face, on every level of scale.

To achieve this, our mission is to provide tools for active learning, effective dialogue and collaborative thinking, where everyone’s voice is heard and contributes towards creating effective action.

We care about making a difference

Ketso means action, literally, in Lesotho, where it was invented to enable everyone’s voice to be heard in planning for a better future. Using Ketso enables people to build collective intelligence for real change.

As a social business, we have three core values:

Inclusion for insight and action

At its heart, Ketso is about empowering everyone involved in a group to make a contribution. In the traditional formats of meetings, there may be a dominant speaker, often a lot of time is wasted whilst one person scribes what others say, and some may not have a say at all. Ketso changes that. Whatever your age, ability, level of experience, gender or status, Ketso offers a way to draw everyone into productive dialogue and collaboration.

Through tried and tested processes developed over 25 years of research and practice, Ketso gathers everyone’s ideas and insights and grows them before your eyes. Our structured approach to thinking and creativity inspires, reveals and leads to powerful action.

Shared and connected knowledge

Ketso is a visual toolkit that displays information efficiently, effectively and in a connected way. It is a means to share knowledge and to see that knowledge take shape with every new idea from every participant. People learn and connect with Ketso; it is a practical way to achieve the ‘joined-up thinking’ that is so often aspired to, yet rarely achieved.

Since 2009, we have grown a network of users and a reservoir of knowledge, built on experience in many fields from across the world. We share our know–how through guidance on engagement and effective decision making, providing case studies and offering open-source processes and free resources to help more people to run effective workshops that lead to action.

Sustainability and a regenerative future

Ketso recognises the need for change across the whole landscape of society, to achieve ecological sustainability and better lives for people worldwide. We believe this can only be achieved through vastly improved communication, dialogue and collaboration, within and between organisations and groups of all kinds. Using Ketso helps to make this possible.

We care about our supply chain, both in terms of people and natural resources. The components of Ketso are durable and re-usable. Where possible we use off-cuts, such as in our colourful branches made from waste felt. The bags are made of natural jute in a certified ethical factory in Kolkata, or recycled fabrics by a fair trade company in Bangladesh. We create job opportunities for disadvantaged people in the manufacture of our products. The kit is assembled in a supportive workplace in the UK, providing work for people with complex needs. We are committed to eradicating slavery in our business and supply chains.

“Ketso takes a global, whole-system view. We recognise the need for people everywhere – in businesses, organisations and communities – to engage in more inclusive and productive dialogue to improve lives worldwide.”

– Dr Joanne Tippett, Founder of Ketso

A positive force for change

Ketso stands for inclusion, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to develop and express their ideas in a group situation. We are passionate about helping groups collect creativity, intelligence and knowledge to achieve great things in life, business, and education and for the greater good. With Ketso, organisations grow their ideas, see a bigger picture, and are supported in becoming a positive force for change in the world.

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