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We have a range of resources and services to enhance your Ketso experience and ensure you are fully supported for your workshops.


  • We offer free advice and training videos, which you can find in our extensive How To guides, but if you feel you’d benefit from additional help, we offer in-house training. This can be for 1/2 day to a full day with your team, to experience Ketso and explore how you can use the toolkit.

    We are happy to develop customised training to suit your organisation’s needs. Telephone / remote mentoring and follow up packages are also available.

    Contact us to discuss opportunities and prices.

  • Ketso is used in many different scenarios with different goals in mind, from local planning for communities to business development, so understanding how to use the kit effectively to meet your aims is important before you begin a workshop. We can train you in good practice, showing you how to plan a workshop, run a workshop and how to capture ideas.

    You can also read our How Tos, which include brief videos, for free. They explain everything from different ways to use Ketso, to how to plan and conduct a workshop and what to do after the workshop, such as recording and analysing the results.

    Contact us for more information on training.


  • Ketso makes running your own workshops easy, however, we would be happy to lead, or help you with facilitating workshops. We have experienced and capable in-house facilitators at your disposal. This can be especially helpful either when you need to contribute and be part of the discussion, or when you want to engage a lot of people at once (we have run workshops for over 200 people). We can work with you to plan the questions and how to get the most out of your workshop.

    Contact us for help with facilitation from a Ketso team member.

  • As Ketso’s strengths include encouraging participation, uncovering insights and inclusivity, it is an ideal tool for team building. Do you want to forge stronger understanding between members of your team and create a place where everyone can contribute, without having to shout the loudest for attention? If so, a team building exercise with Ketso is worth consideration.

    We can facilitate away days and review sessions. Using Ketso, we create an experience where everyone has the chance to contribute and engage the group with ideas.

    A session with Ketso can be especially useful in times of change, such as when teams are merging.

    You can also download this free workshop plan for a review session that you can adpat and run with Ketso (word document).

    To find out more contact us.

Results & Analysis

  • When the Ketso session is complete it is time to analyse the results. We have developed a ready-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for writing up and analysing the results of the Ketso workshop. See our How-to section for more information and to download this free resource.

    If you have a lot of data, or are planning on a workshop with a lot of participants, you may find it useful for us to help you in doing the analysis. We have experience of looking for patterns in data and pulling out key themes.

    An example of such analysis can be seen in this report we prepared for the Dementia Action Alliance North West from a Ketso workshop with 115 people (word document).

  • If you are short of time or want to outsource the admin, then we have a service where we will type up the results into electronic format for further circulation and analysis. This can be from pictures of the felts, or sending the felts to us.

    Simply contact us and request information about the service.


  • We offer consultancy to any organisation looking for advice on how to match their needs to a Ketso workshop or team meeting. Ketso can offer so much value to an organisation, whether in creativity, engaging with clients and stakeholders, development or learning. Sometimes multiple kits might be used for large groups or there may be an unusual problem that needs handling.

    Perhaps you would simply like some advice for your specific needs? Which questions might unleash the creativity of your team? We can help steer you in the right direction in a peer-to-peer capacity.

    Contact us to find out more.

Clean Up

  • It’s easy to wash your Ketso leaves with our handy wash bags but we understand you might not have time. We can look after your kits once they have been used, so you don’t have to. After you run a workshop with Ketso, we can clean and repack used kits and send them back to you ready for the next workshop, or we can supply you a fresh replacement kit right away.

    To learn more about how to clean a kit, look at this How To.

    Contact us for more information on this service.

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