My Ketso

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Personal toolkit for individuals, children or one-to-one use.
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  • Description

    Product Description

    Great for individual use, containing a planner and a micro felt. Perfect for brainstorming, alone or in pairs, and for writing projects, planning, study or homework. Hang it up and use it for to-do lists, plans for the day, or reminders. Comes with a detachable, denim shoulder strap. All parts are reusable.

    The Fair Trade bag is similar to a pencil case, with pockets for the Ketso leaves. You can choose between an all denim bag, or a patterned bag. Each patterned bag is unique, with hand sewn recycled sari fabric on the front and a denim back. Images are representative only, and your order may differ in design.

  • Kit Contents

    Kit Contents