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After lockdown: Managing change, engagement and inclusivity

In a time when transformation is needed in every walk of life, Ketso’s principles and methods are ideal for ensuring everyone affected by change has a say in how to manage it. The Ketso team are currently innovating and experimenting to work out how to engage effectively, whilst socially distancing or working remotely. Ketso is more relevant than ever as a means to transform how you work.

Never has there been more need for engagement, effective communication and inclusivity for change. Ketso’s proven track record makes it such a relevant communication and creative thinking tool for today’s challenges. It will be especially useful for returning to work and learning environments after lockdown.

Returning to work demands changes

There are several big organisational challenges coming for those returning to their workplace, including: space management, interaction, communication, using shared equipment and hygiene; not to mention the need to innovate and develop new ways to deliver value and services. The larger the work team, the greater the need for new ways to communicate. To add to the challenge, this is all new ground for most businesses and places of learning.

We are working on ways to use Ketso in situations that are now the new normal for remote collaboration and when social distancing. With some extra leaves, felts and washbags we can empower members of a group when they need to maintain a personal distance from others or work together remotely.

Ketso’s proven track record makes it such a relevant communication and creative thinking tool for today’s challenges.

Ketso can make sure that everyone gets a say in matters of safety and workflow, as well as airing concerns and developing solutions together. We will need some temporary adjustments, new methods and approaches to allow us to harness the power of Ketso, whilst keeping at a distance from other participants. This is a question the Ketso team has been looking into during lockdown, exploring how to adapt Ketso for use in the ‘new normal’ whilst Covid19 cases are still emerging.

The same as everyone else, we have not been able to trial all of our ideas as we are each at home until we are given the ‘green light’ to return. We have, however, been able to dabble in remote Ketso workshops and are forming potential solutions.

Adapting the Ketso kits

Social distancing with Ketso can be done with simple individual packs that use our smaller felts. Each person sits at their own table / place in a lecture hall / workstation – 2 metres apart. Using the colourful and tactile Ketso kits, each develops their ideas individually, before sharing them verbally with the group. In this way, everyone is able to contribute, whilst also benefitting from the way Ketso helps us to develop new thinking and see links and patterns.

A great advantage of our Ketso kits is that all of the pieces can be washed in warm soapy water, then rinsed (soap is known to break up the coronavirus). Each individual pack would include one of our wash bags, so that all pieces can be easily collected and washed in their own packs, ready for re-use (after capturing the ideas with a photo!) Like this, we can take measured steps and form guidelines to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. For anyone who already owns a Ketso, you can easily convert your kit to be used in this way with the addition of a few more wash bags and small felts.

We are currently developing ideas for how Ketso can be used in socially distanced and remote workshops, and are seeking feedback from some of our high-use clients. We will keep you posted.

A work tool for isolation

As well as a tool for engagement, Ketso is a highly visual and tactile aid for effective thinking, which can make a big difference for children and adults who are still not able to go back to school or work and are under the same roof.

Something we have noticed during lockdown is the undeniable usefulness of our smaller kits like Ketso 3 and My Ketso. These are good for organising yourself, whether this be for developing a project idea, a piece of writing, an assignment, a schedule or for capturing ideas. As well as parents using the kits for home schooling, we know they are also useful for students studying and researching for university projects, and people working remotely from home workstations. They help form, keep and order your ideas and information, so they are useful for keeping track of things in isolation.

Due to ongoing uncertainty and circumstances we feel it appropriate to do our bit to help. Alongside our special sale on our individual packs for homes, we are offering a discount code of 10% off all Ketso kits until August 31st. Enter the code NEWNORMAL2020 and you can benefit from the temporary price reduction, which we hope helps with any purchases.

Stay safe everyone and if you have any questions, please contact us.

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