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New product design with fair trade group in Bangladesh 2018

We will be meeting with Jackie, a wonderful designer from the fair trade crafts group, Motif, in June to discuss an exciting new project. We are designing a Ketso that fits in a bag (about the size of a pencil case), and which can be pinned to the wall / a fridge. This will use some of our big stock of Ketso planners!

Motif makes our mini Ketso bags from waste denim, recycled concrete sacks and natural materials (whilst creating jobs for socially excluded people in Bangladesh). We are exploring the use of different offcut materials for this new range, and are really excited to see how it will turn out. At the very least, Joanne really wants one in her rucksack and her daughter Iris really wants to have one in her school bag!

1500 1000 Ketso
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