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Ohio State University

Student-led learning & community development

Using Ketso kits, Course Tutor at Ohio State University, Dr Deanne Wilkinson, empowered undergraduate students from the College of Education and Human Ecology to explore ideas for promoting healthy adolescent behaviour and violence prevention. Deanne made use of services such as the downloadable workshop plans, and the on-line guidance enabled her to train other facilitators in managing groups in teaching and community development work.

The Need

The activity was to work in groups to develop an action plan to promote healthy adolescent development, with the purpose of synthesising knowledge gained throughout the semester.

It was important to work collaboratively and for every student involved to participate in the workshop and contribute ideas.

Ketso Solution

The Ketso workshop encouraged students to see how their peers were thinking and to interact with the course content, sharing and comparing ideas. Physically moving about the room and moving the ideas on the Ketsos created energy in the workshop.

As outcomes, there was full engagement of all the students involved in the process and the tangible results of 20 priorities were identified for action.

This YouTube video was produced by the students about using Ketso in their class.

Student testimonial

“I thought the Ketso activity was the perfect way to end the semester. Using Ketso really helped me bring together and summarise what I’ve learned this semester. It also helped me gain an understanding of what the rest of the class got out of the class and make connections that way. I once heard that the best way to learn something is to categorise your information. Ketso is a great way to implement that idea.”

Ready to use Ketso?

Ketso is in use in more than half of the universities in the UK, as well as in universities in North America, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. Ketso suits teaching because it ensures all students contribute ideas, including international students and those with unseen disabilities or those who are shy.

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