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Guest Blog: Feedback on home schooling with My Ketso

Find Marketing work alongside Ketso and so it’s no surprise we use the kits to organise aspects of work but with the lockdown in place, two of the mums on the team took out their mini Ketso kits to use for home schooling purposes. Here’s how they got on.

Helen Forsyth and Jo Palmer are the Strategy Director and Senior Marketer at Find Marketing and both have two children, aged 12 and 9, and 8 and 5, respectively. When the announcement was made that the schools were sending children home to be educated by their parents, just after the Find office was closed to staff, it was a challenge to know how to organise the children’s educational needs.

Engaging Children with Planning

“The first day of home schooling was almost a disaster, my children were from different schools with different instructions. It was chaos and with work as well, very stressful,” explained Helen. “The My Ketso literally saved the day on the first attempt of organising a school routine for both my children. Sitting with them in a circle, between us, we developed their week planners on Ketso felts and hung the completed schedules on the wall. They are very visually engaging displays when complete, and it meant they knew exactly what we should be doing next in order, every day. Just before we decided to use Ketso, I can’t tell you how stressful it was untangling the various instructions from schools, which were suddenly forced to shut down. When planning there was some chopping and changing initially and the children could wash the leaves off under the tap when they wanted and the writing vanishes, so it’s easy to ‘reset’ the kit and start from scratch.”

“The My Ketso literally saved the day on the first attempt of organising a school routine for both my children.”

Helen’s verdict: “There is the bonus that this is a physical, hands-on kit which is more fun and tactile for children and gives them less screen time. The My Ketso came into its own as both a lesson planner for the week and an ideas generator. The advantage is the kits can help children create their own timetables, focus their minds and ‘own’ tasks, contributing their ideas under guidance, rather than being force-fed them.”

Working with your Child’s Learning Style

Jo Palmer’s experience with her children revealed it connected with her boys, because it wasn’t simply ‘talking at them’ or ‘forcing education,’ – two things creative minds don’t always respond well to!

“Today, I sat down with the children and we talked about the things we had to achieve, the things we wanted to do, and the things that would keep us all sane,” Jo said. “My two are outdoor boys, it’s all about the garden for them, but Ketso encouraged us to consider activities if we can’t get outside, including crafts and arts. Now we have our week planned out we are going to use Ketso to help us with our planning within lessons. My 8 year old thought this would be really helpful as he’s such a visual person. He has said that before he can learn something, he has to read, write or see it on a board. He goes into a daze if he is just talked out loud. With Ketso he engages actively with the ideas, he’s really excited to use it as a memory prompter too.”

It’s also helpful that Ketso is publishing some practical help blogs based around their kits for parents working with, inspiring and helping their children at home. If you have children and you’re struggling to get routines with distance learning, we recommend taking a look at Ketso. Thanks Ketso.

Stay safe everyone!

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