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home schooling

Ketso for learning in homes and schools

Ketso has been used successfully in teaching for over 20 years. Here we show you some of the exciting ways people have been using Ketso to support enjoyable and effective…

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Guest Blog: Feedback on home schooling with My Ketso

Find Marketing work alongside Ketso and so it’s no surprise we use the kits to organise aspects of work but with the lockdown in place, two of the mums on…

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Home-work Inspirations: Making plans for schooling at home

By Joanne Tippett with help from her daughter, Iris It was day three of schools being closed in the UK. I have to admit, by the end of the first…

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Home-work and Ketso in a time of lockdown

This is our first ‘home-work blog’, where we will be sharing lots of ideas for fun and productive activities using Ketso; for the whole family, for individuals and for children.…

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