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Guest Blog: Creating a Family Covid Plan

Vivian Vaillant runs fun and funny workshops for people who want to work better with the people they’re working with or serving.  Based in Canada, she combines her experiences as…

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Ketso creates learning communities

Through school, college, university and at work, it has been the norm to learn within a community of others on the same journey. More people in a group means more…

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Guest blog: Ketso used to gather young people’s views on employment support

Ketso has been used for gaining the views of young people to improve service delivery. This was a University of Manchester research project in partnership with Oldham Council’s employment support…

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Ketso: An idea that has grown

It’s been 10 years since we launched Ketso as a social business. We now have a wealth of experience to share on running effective workshops. Since 2009, Ketso has been…

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