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The power of Ketso Connect for development, training and leadership workshops

Ketso Connect is an easy and effective way for groups of people to develop and share ideas together, even when they are apart. It is proving to be an invaluable…

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Home-work Inspirations: Making plans for schooling at home

By Joanne Tippett with help from her daughter, Iris It was day three of schools being closed in the UK. I have to admit, by the end of the first…

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Promoting tenant and landlord interaction

Ketso is used in many ways by different organisations, and it’s effective when diverse groups need to coordinate. That’s why Ketso has been proven as a valuable asset for collaboration…

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Guest blog: Ketso used to gather young people’s views on employment support

Ketso has been used for gaining the views of young people to improve service delivery. This was a University of Manchester research project in partnership with Oldham Council’s employment support…

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Why Ketso is popular with healthcare providers and CCGs

One sector that has really embraced Ketso is healthcare, which is now our second biggest client. This is for good reasons. Healthcare often relies on very different groups of people…

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