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Promoting tenant and landlord interaction

Ketso is used in many ways by different organisations, and it’s effective when diverse groups need to coordinate. That’s why Ketso has been proven as a valuable asset for collaboration between tenants and landlords in Social Housing, particularly in Scotland.

Since 2001, regulations in Scotland require that registered social landlords must have a Tenant Participation Strategy, that is linked to best practices and is regularly reviewed. Every year, social landlords are required to complete an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) to the Scottish Housing Regulator and a Charter Performance Report to tenants.

Ensuring landlords and tenants all get their say and ideas across whilst in a room together is no easy challenge, but it is a challenge that Ketso was designed to overcome. That’s why it’s being used by several housing associations for effective collaboration, helping to meet the requirements of the law and driving best practices in social housing.

Ketso has several benefits and advantages for situations where it’s imperative that everyone involved has the opportunity to contribute.

Created to Gather Everyone’s Contributions

As part of an exercise gathering data into the impact of Ketso for The University of Manchester, we have been asking for feedback from organisations across Scotland who are using Ketso in their work, on how it performs as a workshop tool. The responses we have received so far indicate that Ketso was experienced as highly versatile and inclusive, catering for groups of varying sizes, with mixed age ranges and diverse backgrounds. It’s also useful in groups where there are language differences and different learning abilities, because it is very visual and interactive, enabling greater participation. This is why it is often preferred over standard discussions. It simply gathers more ideas from more people.

NETRALT, which stands for North East Tenants Residents and Landlords Together, is a collective of tenants, residents, registered social landlords and local authorities, created to support tenant participation in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray. The collective provides a platform for sharing best practices and for effective collaboration between tenants and staff. They chose Ketso as an innovative and effective way to bring all the different voices and ideas of tenants and landlords together.

Ensuring landlords and tenants all get their say and ideas across whilst in a room together is no easy challenge, but it is a challenge that Ketso was designed to overcome.

There were three meetings conducted using Ketso, with a large session involving 30 people followed by two smaller group sessions. They were all a mixed group, involving service managers, tenants and a range of people involved in various ways.

A Strategy and Action Plan was developed from the Ketso sessions, covering the period 2019-2022.

Aligning for Direction

It was found that Ketso worked because everyone involved could see what people were writing down and thinking. It aligned people in a common direction and enabled a strategy to come from the results. Whereas sometimes conversations don’t lead to action, with Ketso, the participants make physical notes of their ideas, using the special ‘leaves’ provided in the kit, and structure them together into themes. This helps create and order actions.

With flip charts, people might shout out and dominate the sessions, but with Ketso no one gets side-lined, even whilst they explore areas of disagreement and conflict. Ketso has been used many times to ensure Housing issues and ideas are shared between landlords and tenants. For bringing people together, for getting to the heart of a matter and for plotting a strategy into action, the Ketso workshop kit is designed to make a difference.

If you are a housing association or need to manage group discussions and interactions for change, please contact us, as Ketso can help.

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