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Guest blog: Ketso used to gather young people’s views on employment support

Ketso has been used for gaining the views of young people to improve service delivery. This was a University of Manchester research project in partnership with Oldham Council’s employment support service, Get Oldham Working. This service supports the residents of Oldham to find jobs and supports their career advancement whilst in work. By Dayo Eseonu, PhD Researcher, University of Manchester. Twitter: @deseonu

Ketso seemed an ideal tool to provide an interactive and inclusive way to seek the views of a sample of young people in Oldham. Whilst youth unemployment is high, young people were not using the services provided by Get Oldham Working to help them into employment. Get Oldham Working were keen to rectify this under-utilisation. The solution was to seek the views of young people to understand why they were not accessing Get Oldham Working’s services and what changes could be made to increase their engagement with the service.

The Chance to Contribute

Given that we were working with young people, we were keen to ensure that all members of the group could fully participate during the group discussions. Having the opportunity to write thoughts down first meant that shy young people who might not want to speak up still had the opportunity to get their views heard. In addition, it meant that other more outgoing, confident young people did not prevent everyone’s views from being heard.

“The use of branches and colour coded leaves also allowed for full discussion on all aspects of the issue we were researching with clear directions on where there was agreement.”

Forming a Consensus

The use of branches and colour coded leaves also allowed for a full discussion on all aspects of the issue we were researching, with clear directions on where there was agreement. It therefore allowed us to build consensus on the next steps for making the service more accessible to young people.

The visualisation that Ketso brings to the discussions meant that the group discussions did not feel boring to the young people. Feedback was positive from users, saying Ketso was easy to use and they were able to write down their views in their own words.

Ketso is fun and easy to use. It provides a way to put your views across, even if you are naturally quiet and don’t like public attention. This works well to encourage ideas and insights from for younger age groups. Contact us here if you have any questions.

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