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Why Ketso is popular with healthcare providers and CCGs

One sector that has really embraced Ketso is healthcare, which is now our second biggest client. This is for good reasons. Healthcare often relies on very different groups of people working well together. All of the people involved in healthcare provision need to understand each other and hear each other, for that service to run smoothly and be effective. This includes the patients! Ketso makes sure everyone gets a say and none of the valuable insight is lost in the ‘hub-bub’ of conversation during a meeting.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are clinically-led NHS groups with the responsibility for planning and commissioning primary health care services in local areas. There are currently 191 CCGs in England, seven of which have now used Ketso for direction and development.

Tasked with sourcing the best possible care strategies, in a time of shrinking budgets, they have a difficult job. To work well, CCGs require effective interaction between care management, care services and those being cared for. It is no wonder that Ketso, which gives everyone a platform to be heard, is popular with CCGs. In fact, CCGs around England have joined the NHS England and the Scottish Health Council, in taking up Ketso as the start point for finding out what everyone involved in a healthcare provision, including the patients, really thinks.

Words such as ‘empowering’, ‘engaging’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘enabling’ showed us that as a tool for large groups of very diverse people, Ketso makes everyone feel involved and equal.

Insights in Health Services

In the case studies section of our website, we feature two engagement processes using Ketso in workshops held by CCGs. We have noticed an increased interest from CCGs in Ketso methods, and have received orders from health and wellbeing providers around the country.

Our case studies break down the various ways Ketso can be used, such as connecting different organisations involved in overlapping healthcare services. The NHS relies on having strong connections in integrated care, for example with elderly people. When there are two or more different organisations, say for hospital care and social care or after care, finding a way to understand each other and communicate well, is paramount to successful outcomes and facilitating a flow of care.

What CCG Feedback Says

Feedback from our own workshops, and from customers using our kits, has been very valuable for the Ketso team to understand the effect of using Ketso as a portable workshop tool. Words such as ‘empowering’, ‘engaging’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘enabling’ showed us that as a tool for large groups of very diverse people, Ketso makes everyone feel involved and equal. Traditional meetings can often fall short of including everyone, as one person will dictate the pace, which subjects are up for discussion and often even generate and decide on the ideas taken forward.

It stands to reason, that patients themselves and their direct carers have some of the most valuable insights about the care needed and not needed. To exclude patients and direct carers from participating in communications around best practices means stakeholders in that provision, the most vulnerable and most insightful, have little direct control or impact on their own daily situations.

The beauty of Ketso is that it gives patients the same status and importance in the dialogue around care provision as the highest management levels, when it comes to supplying ideas and offering insights.

What’s more, as the Ketso method requires participants to write or draw their ideas down, all the information is recorded and can be analysed, providing a strong evidence base for future changes. This can help people see that they have been listened to, and that their ideas have been used to inform decisions in provision of healthcare services.

If you work in the healthcare sector or are involved in a CCG, Ketso can become the basis of your information gathering from primary sources in the care cycle and a way to develop the best care possible. See our range of Ketso kits here or find out more about Ketso here.

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