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Improve the student experience with Ketso Connect

Ketso Connect improves learning, and helps students structure their ideas and plan. It is a physical, visually engaging, hands-on kit designed for a cohort of users working in different places at the same time, where each member has their own Ketso Connect. It was created to address the challenges of isolation and fragmentation in remote and hybrid learning.

Universities have been forced to introduce restrictions on face-to-face teaching and meetings during the Covid19 pandemic, which has changed the way students engage in learning. Students report that they are easily distracted and lose the thread of online sessions. To compound this challenge, there is a loss of a sense of a learning community when a student is physically isolated from their peers.

Ketso is already used in teaching and research in over half of the UK’s universities, and is used in 83 countries. It is cited in 72 peer-reviewed outputs as an engagement and pedagogical tool. The Ketso Connect kit is a pandemic-inspired innovation to bring visual and kinaesthetic learning into remote and hybrid settings. Every student has their own kit, which they use in short bursts of off-line activity during a session. For ease and clarity, each kit comes with a visual instruction sheet, along with ideas for self-directed study.

Ketso Connect instruction sheets on the production line.

Everyone is engaged, even in large cohorts, thanks to the Ketso process of pausing for everyone to develop their own thoughts before sharing them in a structured way in breakout groups. Students benefit from having a short break from the screen during sessions. Having this shared medium for learning builds a sense of belonging and community amongst a cohort of students.

As of early February, 2021, Ketso Connects have been sent to 966 students, 142 stakeholders / community members to use in workshops, and 241 academics and facilitation practitioners. There are 1349 kits in use in 25 countries. Feedback from students confirms that the tactile and visual approach is a more effective and enjoyable learning experience than trying to follow an online session with just pen and paper. As this comment from one student demonstrates, using the kit increases focus and engagement: “One of the first online tutorials when I have not been distracted when I was doing it. I was fully engaged”.

The kit has proven to be a powerful tool for creating insights and structuring meaning, and its use extends into self-directed study and planning. One student reported: “I felt sceptical about the Ketso kit, but it is so, so useful, and I ended up using it to help plan my essay. I didn’t realise how useful visual learning was.”

Shows several Ketso Connect images on a padlet

Learners can share ideas digitally in real time

Benefits of Ketso Connect:

  • Improves student experience
  • Tactile and visual engagement with learning
  • Builds a learning community
  • Supports Widening Participation and equality
  • Can be used for small groups or very large cohorts
  • Can be used in remote, hybrid and physically distanced learning
  • Supports self-directed study and planning
  • Ideas can be shared digitally (e.g. with Padliet)
  • Washable and reusable

For roughly the price per person of a day field trip, university departments can ensure their students have an invaluable tool for learning in the time of the pandemic and beyond. This tangible support for students is portable and easy to post. A university logo can be added to each kit to reinforce the concept of university support and promote a sense of belonging. With a low price per unit, orders are scalable for multiple users and student cohorts.

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