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Learn how to use Ketso in research

Dr Joanne Tippett, Ketso’s founder, will be delivering a one-day training course on May 16, 2019 at The University of Manchester. This  course provides guidance on using Ketso in the context of research and is called: Advanced participatory data gathering, using Ketso.

Amongst its many uses, Ketso is a powerful tool for researchers. The one-day course offers an opportunity for researchers who wish to involve stakeholders or community members in their research, and who wish to gain skills in effective stakeholder engagement and participatory data gathering.

This training is organised by the National Centre for Research Methods and provides useful training with Ketso, for harvesting valuable information from a group of people.

Participants facilitating a mini workshop as part of training

Positive course feedback

There has been very encouraging feedback from participants on this training course last year.

Here’s some comments that we collected:

“I will remember this because it was a hands-on experience, and the facilitator first showed how things are done. If all of the training could be like this, my training as a researcher would be massively improved. I went out of the workshop with the feeling I really learned how to do something, and not just learned ‘about’ something. “

“I really enjoyed the session. I liked that the course was easy to follow as well as rich with  information and practical activities. Hope to use Ketso as a tool in my community-based participatory project!”

“I went out of the workshop with the feeling I really learned how to do something, and not just learned ‘about’ something.”

Ketso used in research into climate change resilience and coffee farming in Uganda

Interesting and clear content

We discovered that 83% of the participants who took the course last year ‘strongly agreed’ that the content was both interesting and clear (and the remaining 17% ‘agreed’).

Using Ketso for research provides a way to reveal valuable insights for research purposes from communities, stakeholders and group members.

You can read the latest academic article published about using Ketso as a method here. Dr Yana Wengel (one of the authors) comments:  “I personally love the way Ketso works, I enjoy the dynamics of the group workshop and the creative ideas of the participants which develop around once concept or issues relevant for that group of people”.

Register here for this course with the National Centre for Research Methods.

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