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Product development – new wash bags

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new wash bags, making it easier to use Ketso. Cleaning the leaves for reuse has just become a lot more convenient, tidier and less fuss, with the development of our Ketso mesh wash bags.

New Ketso Wash Bags

Over the years, many customers have asked us how best to wash and dry their leaves. We used to recommend using a salad spinner to pre-dry the leaves – but we were always aware that this was a bit awkward and not everyone wanted to keep a salad spinner in their office (though we have heard that several power users of Ketso did just that)!

We spent years trying to work out a suitable alternative. Indeed Bill’s last project for Ketso was working on wash bags, having been inspired by the orange bags used for fruit and vegetables. These proved to be troublesome for various reasons, including leaves getting snagged on the ties, and so the search continued.

We have finally succeeded!

The Motif breakthrough

Motif making the samples

A breakthrough came when Joanne met with Jackie, the amazing designer of fair-trade accessories from Motif, on one of her visits to the UK. Whilst discussing improvements to the Mini Ketso wallets that Motif make for us from recycled denim, Joanne also talked to Jackie about the wash bag challenge. Jackie went back to her amazing team in Bangladesh with the samples we had made to date (using vegetable bag mesh and nylon net curtains!), as well as a handful of Ketso leaves, to test any new material with. Her team then explored the markets of Bangladesh and found a strong, durable material that doesn’t snag on the tape on the leaves, a big problem in earlier designs.


Easier Ketso cleaning

This material is used to dredge sand from the canals of Bangladesh, and we love the lateral thinking that has led to using it to wash Ketso leaves.

Motif made up some sample bags, and the Ketso team were delighted to try them out. They make it so much easier and quicker to prepare a used Ketso for re-use and to wash the leaves!

“Motif made up some sample bags, and the Ketso team were delighted to try them out. They make it so much easier and quicker to prepare a used Ketso for re-use and to wash the leaves!”

Hang the bags to dry

When stripping a kit after use, you can use a separate bag to collect each colour of leaf. You then simply put the bags in water, swish them around a bit, shake vigorously and hang to dry!

All group-sized Ketso kits now come with wash bags included. We are also selling the bags in packs of 6, at a special low price, so Ketso customers who bought their kits before spring 2019 can add them to their inventory, making it easier to get even more use out of their kits.

A few of our super-user customers have tried these bags out and the feedback has been excellent:
“Genuinely very happy to receive some washbags, I think it’s a great development!”

The irony is that we have also come full circle, as Joanne accidentally discovered that the wash bags also happen to work well for vegetables and fruit when buying loose produce!

We are delighted to have found a new way to work with Motif, both in developing a new piece of kit, and in supporting the socially excluded artisans who sew these bags on foot-powered sewing machines in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

You can order the washbags and other accessories in our Ketso Shop.

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