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City of Alameda, California

Climate and resilience planning for a municipality in the USA

The City of Alameda is a municipality of 80,000 covering an island and an adjacent peninsula in the San Francisco Bay. The City provides services for local businesses and residents, and is addressing the causes and effects of climate change in order to provide a high quality of life for Alamedans for generations to come.

The City wanted to gather a wide range of ideas on the complex and interrelated challenges of reducing local greenhouse gas emissions and building local climate resilience. Ketso provided a streamlined and engaging means of quickly gathering a wide variety of ideas for our Climate Action and Resiliency Plan from community members in an inclusive manner. Participants could organise their ideas in a way that made it easy to refine and take action on them.

The Need

We needed a tool that would allow ideas to be shared without running into issues of some community members dominating the conversation, or of community members criticising each other’s ideas, rather than generating new ones.

We wanted a tool that would both provide an engaging and satisfying experience for participants, and would allow us to get a very large volume of ideas to consider in a relatively short amount of time allotted for the workshop (details in this report).

Ketso Solution

We were able to use Ketso to generate hundreds of community-sourced ideas in a workshop of a few hours. The format of Ketso allowed us to move through a process from Vision to Challenges to Solutions. It created the appropriate context for problem-solving, but efficiently moving into a focus on solutions rather than bemoaning the obstacles.

The feedback that we heard from participants was that they felt included and excited by the quick process of generating their own ideas and seeing those of others.

Client testimonial

“Ketso created an engaging and inclusive process for community members, which resulted in hundreds of community-sourced ideas generated in a relatively short amount of time. The process effectively focused participants on solutions while first creating the appropriate context by establishing a shared vision and considering relevant challenges. Ketso delivered on what we hoped for, structuring a workshop that was exciting for participants and generative for our planning team.”

– Patrick Pelegri-O’Day, Climate Action Coordinator, City of Alameda

Ready to use Ketso?

The hands-on Ketso kit is being used to generate ideas for climate action around the world by many organisations. Use Ketso to give everyone a common platform for sharing insights and to enable them to contribute in our global fight against accelerating climate change.

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