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Coaching & career development for young people with Ketso 3 Mini

San Francisco based Mary Ann Maggiore, author of Raising a Sane and Successful Teen, works with youth and their parents to create strategies guiding young people to finish education, find meaningful work and become independent adults. This is done through one-to-one private sessions, public workshops and speaking engagements. Ketso 3 mini proved a valuable tool in this process.

The Need

The goal was to guide young people to find clarity, in what can often be chaotic lifestyles, disjointed thought processes and scattered ideas. They needed to define and evaluate their ideas on what to do in their lives.

A method was needed to focus and display in a meaningful way, ideas which came from the young person during a session.

Ketso Solution

The Ketso 3 Mini was perfectly suited for this intimate style of counselling. Mary Ann Maggiore used it to help young people determine their life path in a visual, tactile way.

They could make a plan because they assessed their resources and could even create a logical time frame for productive action. With Ketso, the forms, the colours, the sense of moving about the image to create a plan, offered a method of truly focusing on new possibilities. The ability to alter the schema with the arrival of new ideas proved tremendously useful.

Client testimonial

“Ketso is transformative. I have seen over and over again how it produces substantial results… Ketso engages them so much more effectively than typing or even hand writing an essay. All aspects of the process become very energising. When the clients are done creating the image, I take a picture and email it to them. They can view it and review it any time. I love it and they do too!”

– Mary Ann Maggiore

Ready to use Ketso?

Ketso 3 mini is perfect for one-to-ones and those small group sessions of 2-3 people and for bringing order from chaos to create structured plans.

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