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Creative business planning with Ketso

PeerVoice is a P\S\L Group company that provides free online and print based independent medical education, funded through educational grants from the pharmaceutical industry, for healthcare professionals around the world.

Ketso was used by the global sales, operational and medical teams at PeerVoice to help them develop detailed plans, with the aim of business growth.

The Need

PeerVoice needed to draw out ideas from their best resource, their people. Already established as a successful global business, PeerVoice sought to find new ways to tap into their people’s creativity, to help the organisation grow and diversify.

They were seeking a method where the process itself did not hinder engagement and creativity, and that had the ability to capture everyone’s ideas. A web search for innovative workshop tools led to Ketso.

Ketso Solution

Using the full range of Ketso workspaces, people developed and synthesised their ideas across groups.

Some of the ideas generated were surprising, because of how obvious yet important they were, and other ideas had not occurred to anyone prior to using Ketso.

The attendees ranged from two to 20 years of tenure with the company, and there was valuable feedback from the most junior members about how much they appreciated having their voice heard. Ketso captured everyone’s ideas, and enabled people to move them around and link them in a much more intuitive way than trying to do the same exercise in basic group interaction and discussion.

Ketso is now embedded in their business and is used as a methodology to develop their growth plans.

Client testimonial

“With Ketso, we managed to achieve in days what would normally have taken weeks, if not months, using more traditional methods. I have facilitated hundreds of workshops and I know I could not have gotten the same results with flip charts and sticky notes. With the wealth of the ideas we generated, they would have been disorganised and almost impossible to categorise and prioritise.”

– David Noble, Global President, PeerVoice

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