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See Me Scotland

Engaging Hundreds of Stakeholders to Inform National Strategy

See Me Scotland is a national, government funded programme to tackle mental health stigma. In their launch event in 2014, they used Ketso to bring together 200 participants, including mental health service users, their carers and service providers, gathering ideas to inform a national strategy. See Me Scotland staff and partners went on to regularly use Ketso in their engagement with communities across Scotland.

The Need

See Me Scotland empowers people affected by mental health issues to tackle the stigma of mental health and discrimination. The programme works with people to change negative behaviour, and to ensure that the human rights of people with mental health problems are respected and upheld.

The organisation was seeking an innovative way to bring everyone’s voice into the conversation. They identified the need for a tool to make sure that all participants had an equal input, and were recommended Ketso.

Ketso Solution

Ketso provided See Me Scotland with training and on-location support throughout their first session, which involved 200 people over two days. At the end of the first day, the Ketso team worked with See Me Scotland to analyse the data, providing up to the minute feedback for day two.

Ketso ensures that conversations build with full participation from everyone attending. Quiet moments are built into the process, with time for people to think to themselves and write or draw their ideas before sharing them with other participants. Even those who prefer not to speak in a group can contribute their written ideas for everyone to see.

Client testimonial

“The most useful aspect of Ketso is giving people without power a voice. Without Ketso, I would have used more traditional methods of doing group focus groups and trying to record conversations on flip charts. I would have lost voices and not heard from the quiet people in the room; there would have been meaningful insights that would have never have been captured. Those voices shaped the work going forward, how people wanted to be involved, the work they wanted to see happening in Scotland, in terms of tackling stigma. I think it’s an amazing tool. I would estimate we had up to 600 people participate in our Ketso workshops.”

– See Me, Programme Manager

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