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NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG & Connecting Care in Cheshire

Co-production of Health & Social Care Service Transformation & capacity building

NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is one of three CCGs in the Connecting Care in Cheshire partnership, a pioneer project exploring how to bring together health and social care services. They wanted to involve service users, including the vulnerable ones, in designing improvements to services they rely on, with a goal to transform health and social care delivery. Ketso was used as a practical method to make sure everyone’s voice was heard in this dialogue to improve services, and the Ketso team also provided training and capacity building for the partnership.

The Need

There was a need to ensure that a representative mix of stakeholders all contributed their ideas and insights to improve the level of healthcare provision. Those involved ranged from healthcare professionals to service users from diverse backgrounds, some living with illness and mental health problems. A way was needed to ensure no one was missed out and all the relevant information and insight was collected and understood.

In addition, they needed to develop new ways of working between the NHS, local authorities and third sector organisations providing services. They wanted to explore ways to work across traditional boundaries in order to deliver truly integrated care. The aim was to build cooperation amongst this diverse group and for participants to learn from each other.

They wanted to build capacity amongst their partners to engage more effectively with their service users, and with each other, as they merged teams and developed new ways of working together. They also wanted to embed an inclusive co-production approach into their way of working at all levels.

Ketso Solution

The CCGs bought several Ketso kits to use for internal management meetings, engaging with stakeholders, and to lend out to their partners for engaging with their services users.

The Ketso team was brought in to deliver a day of training and partnership development. Forty people from across the NHS, local authorities and the voluntary sector in Cheshire attended a one-day Ketso training and partnership development day. Following the success of this workshop, the team was asked to deliver similar one-day training for the public health team in Cheshire East Council (plus a kit for their ongoing use).

The Ketso team was also brought in to design and facilitate two large-scale workshops for Eastern Cheshire CCG where patients and service providers developed ideas to transform mental health services. This meant the CCG leaders could spend their time listening to participants, rather than being focused on the process of running the workshop. Ketso typed up the results to ensure rapid feedback for participants.

The workshops helped people to learn from each other and to develop new ways of working together.

Client testimonial

“You facilitated the session brilliantly, with a massive level of engagement in the room. Ketso is massively inclusive, empowering and enabling.”

– Emma Leigh MBE, Eastern Cheshire CCG’s Clinical Projects Manager

Ready to use Ketso?

The hands-on Ketso kit has proven especially effective at encouraging meaningful discussion between CCGs, health, social care and wellbeing service providers and service users (including people living with mental health issues, dementia, refugees and homeless people). Use Ketso to give everyone a common platform for sharing insights.

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