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Southway Housing Trust & South Manchester CCG

Sharing knowledge across health & housing sectors

Community Explorers are a group of people that live or work in South Manchester and work in partnership with the Integrated Community Care Team and South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group. The aim of Community Explorers is to identify and share the practical skills, knowledge, assets and wide range of activities that are available within the local area that may have a positive impact upon people’s health and wellbeing.

Ketso was used at one of their first workshops to look at how the NHS and Voluntary and Community Sector can work together around Integrated Care, initially focussing on older people.

The Need

The group aimed to bring together all of the voluntary and community sector organisations to ensure that everyone is aware of what is already happening in the area, and to develop new thinking about how this can be supported and promoted.

They needed to find a way to include everyone, especially community members who might not feel confident to speak in a group with service providers and professionals.

They needed to find a way to make the most of their existing resources and activities, given ongoing resource pressures. They also wanted to organise everyone’s thoughts around the topics discussed, so the ideas could more easily be turned into action plans.

Ketso Solution

Ketso enabled them to focus ideas around the main headings of: projects, communication, networks, people, resources, values and leadership. It was a really visual and participatory way of organising everyone’s thoughts.

Instead of concentrating on the problems and what was needed, they started by looking at the existing assets in the area, and everyone was inspired by how much was already taking place that they were not previously aware of. One partner had been planning to set up a cancer support group, but through the workshop learned that there was already such a group that their members could access. This created beneficial connections and saved resources.

Ketso has a colour-coded process that guides participants to consider the strengths and assets before problems, and this has proven its value in a huge number of community and service-user events.

Client testimonial

“It was a really motivational start to the project, and information is being used to create an asset map that can be shared in the local area. The coloured leaves enabled us to continue by looking at new ideas, barriers, goals and priorities and this information really helped to confirm the role of the group and create an action plan for moving forwards. This was a really useful start to our project and the Ketso was an effective and fun way of involving the group.”

– Claire Tomkinson, Southway Housing Trust, Chair of Community Explorers

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